New Year's Appetizer Recipes

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Surprise your family and friends and enhance your New Years with New Years Appetizer Recipes.

This application contains 40 recipes for creating cheese balls, dips, sandwiches, and other great appetizers.

Download and impress your friends and family!

Recipes Included:

- Zesty Veggie Dipping Sauce
- A Touch of Spice Apple Dip
- Creamy Monterey Ranch Dip
- Baked Irish Dip
- Baked Swiss Cheese Dip
- Warm Pizza Dip
- Coconut Shrimp Cheese Spread
- Two Sausage Cheese Spread
- Nacho Chip Cheese Ball
- Honey Roasted Almond Cherry Cheese Ball
- Broiled Burger Bites
- Corned Beef Miniwiches
- Chicken and Cheese Wedges
- Puffed Pesto Hamwiches
- Chive and Onion Roast Beef Bites
- Italian Swiss Cheese Slices
- Spinach Tortilla Wrap Ups
- Steak and Potato Poppers
- Bacon Onion Nibblers
- Packed Full Egg Rolls
- Pork Wontons with Ranch Dip
- Mini Zucchini Poppers
- Sweet Red Pepper and Cheese Bites
- Pepperoni Pastry Rounds
- Ginger Molasses Chicken Wings
- JD Meatball Appetizers
- Orange Mustard Smokies
- Crabby Cucumber Toppers
- Cheesy Bacon Potato Munchers
- Louisiana Style Jalapenos
- Marinated Mushrooms and Onions
- Amaretto Apricot Appetizers
- Light and Refreshing Stuffed Grapes
- Creamy Fruit Bites
- Mozzarella Salami Sticks
- Spiced Up Chicken Cups
- Peachy Pepper Pumpernickel Bread
- Crunchy Beer Pecans
- Simple Spiced Sticks
- Sweet Pecan Nachos